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OCTOBER 4, 2017
Virtual Credit Cards

Virtual credit cards will bolster online purchasing innovation for the masses and completely disrupt the market.


It’s hard to believe the last quarter of 2017 is upon us. Each year, banking innovation in emerging markets takes quantum leaps. However, common challenges such as online card fraud and lack of access to personal banking services remains a challenge to be fervently confronted.

Financial service providers are encouraged to look to USSD and virtual card technology to truly future-proof their offerings – and make them accessible to the mass market. This will give rise to safer, more financially empowered communities and will yield endless benefits for the FSPs who are agile enough to offer them.



CEO, WIZZIT International

data prices Africa

Are data prices a barrier to financial inclusion in Africa?


In Africa, banking the unbanked remains a pressing need. Roughly 700 million people in Africa are financially excluded – denied economic citizenship. Why aren’t traditional banks offering mobile solutions to potential customers who desperately need it?

Why USSD won't replace apps for a while

(why banks must offer both)


Despite predictions by some financial service providers that app-powered banking would usurp USSD, it remains the most successfully integrated and widely adopted technology in emerging markets.

mobile banking
mobile banking

Virtual cards offer financial inclusion for online payments in emerging markets


E-commerce still excludes those at the bottom of the financial pyramid. Banks now have access to a solution that allows the lower end of the market to participate in e-commerce – a virtual credit card.

Moneyline features WIZZIT virtual credit card


Barriers to convenient payment systems, such as online card fraud and financial exclusion, can be solved with the introduction of a user-friendly and safe virtual credit card. Moneyline features this disruptive innovation.