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JULY 3, 2017
virtual card

In 2016, credit card fraud increased by 13% to R374.4m, and debit card fraud by 3.1% for the same period (SABRIC). As online transactions grow in number and popularity, so too do the corresponding risks of gifting a website, retailer or service provider with credit card details. 

Another concern amidst the growth of digital payments and transactions is the large proportion of the unbanked population who don’t and can’t own credit cards – how can they transact? A safe and innovative solution is a virtual credit card – with profound benefits for both bank and customer.

Here we’ll explore how and why banks in emerging markets need to adopt a disruptive approach to new financial services.


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Embrace the third party or leave the party


Why financial service providers should bend not break when it comes to innovation.

Payments in Africa: the tipping point


POS technology could disrupt emerging markets and change how the masses operate – ultimately driving towards safer, cashless communities.

mobile revolution
generation z

Generation Z is living life mobile – where are banks?


Focus once directed at Millennials should be consciously shifted to Generation Zs – a demanding demographic who can’t imagine life without a mobile phone.

Worldwide trade at every income level


New technology is taking the goal posts out of play altogether, and barriers to entry for online transactions should now consider all earners a viable market.

worldwide trade mobile
brian richardson

Brian Richardson predicts disruption in financial services on CNBC


See the full interview here for an expert opinion on the mobile movement – and what it looks like in Africa.