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"In just eight weeks, your bank can be increasing revenue and brand reputation as well as delighting your customers with products and services that add real value to their lives." 




ChatBanking Security


We are delighted to introduce you to the WIZZIT Authenticator – a unique patented product that any financial service provider can use to enable securetransactions and information to take place through an instant messaging or chat platform. We believe that the WIZZIT Authenticator cost effectively addresses

the critical need for financial institutions to ‘secure transactions’ together with the imperative that customers have for ‘frictionless and seamless transactions’.


The WIZZIT Authenticator will enable your institution to take the chat platform from an informational and conversational level to a revenue generating, secure transactional level. WIZZIT also have a complete chat banking platform which could be of further assistance to your institution, if required.

Why use WIZZIT Authenticator?